Warzone leak reveals Ghostface & Donnie Darko skins in All Hallows Eve Halloween event

Warzone Hallows Eve GhostfaceActivision, Dimension Films

Warzone players have braved the terror of Verdansk’s Halloween shenanigans before and the spooky season is coming back around with fresh leaks revealing Raven’s plans for October.

The Haunting of Verdansk came to Warzone last October and transformed the battle royale into a zombie-infested wasteland. While the usual enemies were also present, the dead kept coming back as defeated players could return with supernatural abilities. Claiming sweet victory was sweeter than ever if players could survive the onslaught. 

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To add to the shocking nature of it all, limited edition bundles for cinematic horror icons like Leatherface and Billy The Puppet were made available. Bringing their own flavor of brutality to Warzone, their inclusion also changed specific areas of the map with recreations of familiar places. 

Now everyone has had their first taste of terror, it seems like Raven Software is getting ready to scare us once more. 

The Haunting of Verdansk event brought iconic horror characters Leatherface and Jigsaw to Warzone.

New Halloween operators leaked

Fans of the late Wes Craven’s seminal Scream franchise could be in for a real treat. Found within Warzone’s files, it seems that Ghostface might just be terrorizing players this Halloween. Adopted by several characters as a serial killing mantle, the Ghostface design was made iconic by the much-beloved franchise. 

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The design has become a Halloween costume staple. After weeks of speculation, this very skin was confirmed in an October 6 leak. Not only that, a recent glitch in-game even gave players their first look at the operator and the designers have certainly captured the spooky aesthetic.

Another horror icon also appears to be joining Ghostface too. Recent leaks suggested that Donnie Darko is in line for the next Warzone crossover.

The same leaker once again verified these claims, revealing a video datamined from the Season 6 update on October 6.

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Hallows Eve listActivision
Players could see up to two new operators this Halloween.

On the lesser side of horror, Black Ops franchise alumni Mason is listed below Ghostface too. Having made appearances in Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode and CoD: Mobile, it makes sense he would eventually become part of Warzone. 

Season 5 of Warzone is underway now, bringing new weapons and perks to the battle. Naturally, some controversy has followed suit. That’s just the way of Warzone.

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