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Warzone guru JGOD shuts down rumored Kilo 141 stealth buff in Caldera

Published: 29/Jan/2022 10:53

by Joe Craven


Warzone expert JGOD has shut down rumors of a stealth buff to the beloved Kilo 141, explaining that the Modern Warfare assault rifle performs identically to how it did prior to recent patches. 

The Kilo 141 was one of Modern Warfare 2019’s most popular assault rifles thanks to its high fire-rate and non-existent recoil. That popularity translated to Warzone, with many players trusting the easy-to-use AR in Verdansk.

However, as Black Ops Cold War weapons were drip-fed into Warzone, players moved away from the Kilo in favor of newer, more powerful weapons. That has been flipped on its head in Warzone Pacific, though, with the MW weapon returning with a vengeance and being used regularly.


Naturally, with so many players returning to the weapon, Warzone’s player base wants to know whether it has been secretly improved.

Modern Warfare Kilo
The Kilo was a popular Assault Rifle in MW 2019.

Unfortunately, players have a reliable source telling them the opposite in JGOD. A January 28 YouTube video saw the Warzone expert delve into whether the Kilo did actually receive an unannounced buff from developers Raven.

“I’ve been getting a lot of comments that the Kilo is back,” JGOD said. “I went ahead and tried it for myself. I tested the final damage drop-off – it still exists. Everything beyond 85 meters, it only does 18 damage which means it requires 14 shots to kill and gives it a 1 second plus TTK. Which is not that competitive.”


In short, the Kilo’s long-range capabilities are identical to where they were before, despite suggestions of a buff in this department.

The consistency in the weapon’s performance led to JGOD suggesting it is a ‘W’ for Rebirth and medium-range gunfights but, on Caldera’s big open spaces, still an ‘L’.

That hasn’t stopped players flocking back to it though, with it currently sitting in the top 10 most used weapons in Warzone Pacific.