Warzone expert debunks Serpentine perk “overpowered” rumors

. 1 month ago
Serpentine in Warzone

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded introduced the Perk Serpentine and it looked as though it may become overpowered quite quickly — but JGOD has discovered that it won’t be as powerful as people originally thought. 

Serpentine is a Perk that reduces incoming damage from bullets, explosives, and fire by 20%. The Perk rewards aggressive players who want to push on players that are camping.

On paper, Serpentine had the potential of taking over as the most used Perk One option over Cold Blooded and Double time, but further inspection shows that Serpentine may not be as strong as what we see on the surface.

Is Warzone’s Serpentine Perk overpowered?

Warzone content creator JGOD tweeted the findings made by New York Subliners content creator Mavriq on May 26.

The content creator showed a clip from content creator DouisRaw’s stream and the Serpentine Perk only kicked in once all of his armor was gone.


Essentially, Serpentine will be reliable for getting out of a pinch, but it won’t make you a bullet sponge when charging at an enemy.

In the clip, it only took a few more shots to down someone even if they have Serpentine equipped.

The streamer added in a different tweet that Serpentine “might be a stronger perk with modes of high health like Iron Trials.”

JGOD does not believe that Serpentine is that strong. However, it may still be worth trying out for yourself by picking it up as ground loot in Warzone.

Serpentine may be a fun addition to change the pace of some gunfights, but don’t expect it to be the reason you clutch a victory.

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