TimTheTatman questions Warzone anti-cheat after joining “hacker” lobby

Warzone introduced the RICOCHET anti-cheat system back in December — but TimTheTatman has questioned the validity of the system after joining a hacker lobby. 

Cheating has been a major criticism for Warzone on console and PC ever since its initial release. The RICOCHET anti-cheat driver was released in December with the aim of remedying the issue, but hackers have still been able to bypass the driver and cheat.

Hacking is the number one complaint by players and questions remain over how strong the RICOCHET system is at dealing with hackers. The two forms of cheating reported by players are the use of wall-hacks and using an aim-bot which allows players to shoot enemies without aiming.

Warzone content creator TimTheTatman has released two straight Youtube Videos dealing with hackers.

TimTheTatman calls out Warzone devs over anti-cheat

In TimTheTatman’s Youtube video on May 26, he showed a potential cheater shooting FaZe Booya while parachuting down, and TimTheTatman claimed at the beginning of the video that “we ended up in a hacker lobby. I have not seen one of these since Verdansk but low and behold, I guess they still exist.”

Tim and the rest of his squad claimed that there were multiple cheaters in the lobby, and based on the clip it looked like they may have been using some type of Aimbot.

The streamer said, “Those hackers ruined that,” and later added that “we won a hacker lobby.”

Warzone cheats addedActivision
Cheating is a major issue in Warzone.

In the video description, the streamer added: “Is Ricochet working still?”

Players claimed that cheaters were “on the rise” during Warzone Pacific Season 2, and it looks like potential hackers are still getting into games at the beginning of Season 3 Reloaded.

Tim, like many other Warzone players, has expressed their frustrations with hacking and has demanded for changes be made as soon as possible to reduce the risk of being confronted by cheaters.