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Warzone enables 120fps on Xbox Series X, but not on PS5

Published: 15/Nov/2020 15:20

by Marco Rizzo


Infinity Ward discreetly enabled an option for Call of Duty Warzone to run up to 120 frames per second on the new Xbox Series X.

The change is currently listed as a feature on the Microsoft Store, together with support for HDR10 and “4K UltraHD.” These changes were present in the last patch notes released on the 9th of November and saw no social media announcement.

Modern Warfare’s store page now also lists 120fps support as a feature, meaning there is a chance that the standard multiplayer modes will also be upgraded in the future.

The increase of the FPS cap has only been introduced on the new Microsoft console, with the PlayStation 5 version still being limited to 60fps.


Warzone frame rate
Screenshot via Eurogamer
It seems unlikely that Warzone will average 120fps in all situations.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry ran some tests on Warzone, confirming the increase in frames per second and examining the stability of the new framerate on an Xbox Series X.

The results showed that Warzone, while capable of hitting a maximum of 120fps, will maintain an average framerate of anywhere between 100 and 120.

Still, the game remains currently listed on the store as an Xbox One title.

Meanwhile, the community has been taken by surprise by this improvement and has welcomed it with open arms on social media platforms, suggesting overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Reddit comments
Xbox players are loving the upgrade.

Infinity Ward’s decision to introduce the change on only one of the next-gen consoles has created some confusion. Activision is currently partnering with Sony, providing early access to expansions and digital content to PlayStation players.


With this change, Infinity Ward has essentially introduced a gap between PS5 and Xbox users due to the cross-play future of the game mode.

Currently, Warzone on PS5 runs on the PS4 backward compatibility version and is still limited to 60 frames per second.

Unfortunately, there has been no announcement from Activision or Infinity Ward about the possibility of enabling 120fps on Sony consoles, with some speculating that the upgrade is being held in order to prevent all BOCW players from immediately switching to Warzone.