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Black Ops Cold War grenade launcher easter egg discovered in Campaign

Published: 13/Nov/2020 18:52

by Tanner Pierce


Black Ops Cold War hasn’t even been out for 24 hours, but one Reddit user has already discovered a secret grenade launcher Easter egg in one of the game’s campaign missions, “Redlight, Greenlight.” Here’s how you can do it for yourself.

Easter eggs weapons are nothing new for Call of Duty campaigns. Between the hidden Ray Gun in World at War and the secret Thundergun in Black Ops 1, the CoD developers are known for sometimes throwing these weapons into the game, even when they don’t make sense for the story.

For a while, it seemed like these special Easter eggs had stopped haven’t cropped up in these new stories, making it seem like the devs had forgotten about it. Now, it seems like the developers of Black Ops Cold War have hidden a similar Easter egg in the game’s single-player campaign, if a new Reddit post is to be believed.


‘Redlight, Greenlight’ secret grenade launcher

The secret M79 grenade launcher can be found by the Burger Town in Redlight, Greenlight.

According to Reddit user ‘dajokaman,’ in the single-player mission Redlight, Greenlight, players can find a secret grenade launcher simply by completing an Easter egg.

The result, however, is worth it, as it gives you a free M79 grenade launcher. Old-school fans might remember this as the Thumper from Modern Warfare 2, and it operates in a very similar way.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a lot of ammo – only three rounds, plus one extra in the chamber, so you should use it wisely. Still, it’s fun to watch enemies explode in hilarious fashion.

How to get the M79 grenade launcher

In the campaign mission Redlight, Greenlight. if you interact with the Burger Shot boy by pressing the button multiple times, he will eventually poop out an M79 grenade launcher for you to use for the rest of the mission. from r/blackopscoldwar

Getting this free grenade launcher is pretty simple and requires very little effort. That being said, it seems like it only appears in one spot, so it may be best to follow the simple guide below:


  1. In the mission “Redlight, Greenlight” find the Burger Town with the drive-thru.
  2. On the side of the drive-thru callbox there is a giant button. Press it.
  3. Keep pressing the button over and over again until the callbox runs out of lines.
  4. The M79 launcher should pop out next to the callbox on the ground.

As one can see from the video above, the callbox, which is shaped like a man, seemingly “ejects” the grenade launcher out of his backside, which is both hilarious and a bit disturbing.

All in all, this is a pretty fun Easter egg, especially since it gives you a free grenade launcher, so it’s probably worth doing if you want to have some fun.