Warzone devs provide RICOCHET anti-cheat update after multiple player complaints

RICOCHET anti cheat logoActivision

With an increase of Warzone cheaters in early 2022, the devs have provided a RICOCHET anti-cheat update and assured players that they are working hard to combat hackers.

The RICOCHET anti-cheat launched back on December 15, shortly after the beginning of Season 1 Pacific.

While it initially saw great success, players quickly found themselves back to having games ruined by hackers. Naturally, this has the community doubting the anti-cheat.

However, the Warzone devs wanted to clear the air and said that it might not be perfect but the team is “committed to fighting.”

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Warzone devs update community on anti-cheat

In a Twitter post on February 18, Activision released a blog post on the current status of RICOCHET. While fans thought cheating was reaching a high point again, the team stated otherwise.

“RICOCHET was able to catch and disable accounts quickly, bringing cheating within Warzone to an all-time low during the holiday break.”

While fans were initially satisfied with the anti-cheat, in January fans reported that cheaters had returned. Following this, flying cars and god mode hacks returned.

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“As time has progressed cheat developers have looked for new ways to try to exploit the game. Some have succeeded, many have not.” Activision also added that the recent spike of cheaters “is not at the level it was during Verdansk.”

Warzone mapActivision
Warzone devs confirm that the RICOCHET anti-cheat is working and keeping hacking at an all-time low.

They also confirmed that hackers in-game are being punished with a “Damage Shield.”

This prevents detected hackers from doing damage to other players in the lobby.

Activision closed by saying that they have improved their system to hand out permanent suspensions for cheaters on all current and future accounts made.

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While some hackers were able to bypass the anti-cheat measures, the Warzone devs said this isn’t a “magic bullet”, it has been successful at reducing the overall number of cheaters, and is constantly improving.