TimTheTatman hilariously humiliates “rat” Warzone hacker on stream

Jaret Kappelman
Tim Rat Hacker Warzone
Activision / Apple / TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman took full advantage of a Warzone hacker that couldn’t do damage to him by embarrassing them live on stream in front of thousands of players.

Hacking in Warzone has been an issue for quite some time. However, the RICOCHET anti-cheat has helped suppress this problem.

One feature that this anti-cheat does is detect people that play unfairly and make it so that they can’t inflict damage. This started off as a random theory, but it has been proven time and time again that RICOCHET can give hackers bullets that have no effect.

This created a hilarious moment when TimTheTatman encountered someone that had this debuff and everyone was loving it.

TimTheTatman assassinates Warzone cheater with silent aim

On February 13, Tim posted a clip to Twitter that showed a hilarious interaction he had with a Warzone hacker while playing with Dr Disrespect.

In the video, the streamer runs into a hacker that can’t kill him due to the silent aim that the anti-cheat put on them. He told Doc, “This kid is cheating, he can’t do damage, come here let’s go. This is actually one of the funniest ways they troll hackers.”

So he hopped into a helicopter and soared through the sky knowing that he was safe from any harm. As he flies toward the cheater he said, “It’s not working, huh buddy? Rat!”

Ricochet Warzone loadout
Warzone has added new features like RICOCHET anti-cheat that can silence a cheater’s aim.

Tim does what everyone dreams of doing to a hacker – executes them and embarrasses them on stream in front of over 10,000 viewers.

Even though the anti-cheat might not ban every cheater in Warzone, people are loving this feature as they feel it’s extremely satisfying to kill someone they know is cheating.