Warzone Season 2 breaks vehicles with infinite falling glitch

James Busby
SUV in Warzone Caldera

A new Warzone vehicle glitch is causing players to fall through the map, leading to some incredibly frustrating moments. 

Warzone is certainly no stranger to the world of bugs and game-breaking glitches. From the notorious demon gun glitch to infinite Stims, there always seems to be something that negatively impacts the popular battle royale title. 

However, with the release of the Season 2 update and introduction of Caldera Clash game mode, a player has discovered a problem involving the game’s vehicles. While hackers have previously used vehicles to fly around Caldera, this aggravating glitch does the exact opposite. 

Instead, one player quickly found themselves clipping through the map, forcing them into an infinite falling glitch. 

Warzone falling vehicle glitch

Two vehicles side-by-side in Warzone.
Warzone’s SUVs seem to be acting a little strange in Season 2.

While playing on Warzone’s new game mode, Caldera Clash, one player discovered a strange glitch that involves the game’s SUV. Upon running up to the vehicle, cdeleon1 placed a C4 on the side of the door before getting into the passenger seat. 

However, instead of driving off to pick up their squadmates, the player quickly found themselves in an odd situation. After the game froze for a brief second, cdeleon1 began to slip through the map. 

What’s strange about this glitch is that the vehicle appeared in its original spot, before falling through the map again. It soon wasn’t long before the SUV was constantly stuck in an infinite loop. 

Quite what caused this issue remains a mystery, but it certainly seems the Season 2 update has caused something strange to happen to Warzone’s SUVs. It might be best to exercise caution when you next jump in for a joyride, particularly if you want to avoid this frustrating glitch. 

Hopefully, the developers can issue a quick fix before other players find themselves in similar situations.