Warzone players claim BR is “filled” with cheaters again after Season 3 Reloaded

. 1 month ago
Warzone character on Rebirth Island firing with WZ Pacific logo

Warzone players have claimed that the battle royale has experienced a “heavy increase” in the number of cheaters following Season 3 Reloaded, despite RICOCHET anti-cheat still being in full force. 

While Warzone has undeniably been a major success for Activision, it has struggled to eradicate cheating and hacking as decisively as has been required.

RICOCHET anti-cheat system dropped back in December 2021 and, while most players agree it has improved considerably since then, they also agree there is a long way to go.

In particular, a number of players have criticized the situation following the Season 3 Reloaded update, claiming that the prevalence of cheaters has worsened significantly.

Operator on the cover of Warzone Pacific
Season 3 Reloaded dropped at the end of May.

One player, ‘LeonardMH‘, asked what the cause for the recent uptick in cheaters could be, claiming they have encountered more hackers in recent matches.

“Has anyone else noticed a heavy increase in the number of cheaters lately?” they said. “In the past 2-3 days I have played just a few games and in about half of them I have died to obvious rage-hackers. We’re talking Iron sight FAL quick snap headshots, very obvious cheats. I haven’t seen this kind of problem since Verdansk, what is going on?”

Another, ‘ruizroy6‘, agreed that they are getting more and more common. “The game is filled with cheaters once again,” they said. “There is no other option but to stop playing this game. Encountered over 5 cheaters 5 different games and we had to call it after the last one. Not fun.”

Plenty of players echoed the comments, suggesting that RICOCHET needs to do more and that Activision need to stay vigilant to ensure the cheaters do not remain this prevalent moving forwards.

We’ve seen cheater numbers peak and fall in the past, so here’s hoping the pattern repeats itself again as soon as possible.

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