Warzone hackers take flying car cheat too far on Rebirth Island

Warzone hackers taking flying cars cheat too far on Rebirth IslandActivision

Warzone hackers discovered a way to fly cars through the sky, but they may have taken it too far, as a clip on Rebirth Island shows pure pandemonium when a SUV chases down a helicopter. 

Hacking has been a lingering problem in Warzone ever since its release in 2020. From giving out free camos to aim botting on stream, these cheaters have been doing it all.

Even though Raven Software has introduced the RICOCHET anti-cheat, hackers are still finding ways to ruin matches.

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With the latest coming in the form of flying cars, hackers have taken this to another level on Rebirth Island in one of the most chaotic things you’ll ever see.

Warzone hackers fly car into helicopter on Rebirth Island

Warzone streamer FaZe Scope was playing a Rebirth match when he recorded what some are calling the craziest thing in Warzone.

In the video, a hacker is flying around in a normal car but this time they are literally taking down a helicopter from the sky. You hear Scope laughing and screaming as the SUV comes soaring toward him,  “What the F**k, OH MY…”

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This may be the most extreme version of this hack that the Warzone community has seen so far. While cars were being used to blast enemies from above, they are now anti-helicopter vehicles.

Fans had a ball with this as many people were remixing this with different audio themes. We’ve embedded some of the community’s favorite down below, starting with a trip to Hogwarts.

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A voice actor even narrated over the clip sounding like David Attenborough from Planet Earth.

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Of course, we can’t forget Ms. Frizzle and her class.

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Other people couldn’t figure out the ground between laughing and wondering what was happening. One sarcastically said, “Perfectly normal, nothing strange here,” while another wasn’t happy to see this, “Bruh, these cheaters are getting out of hand.”

The good news for players is Season 2 was delayed so the devs could work on fixes for the game. So hopefully, hackers won’t be able to take the wheels off the ground in the future.

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