MW3 fans demand removal of “cheesy” weapon that “ruins” game

Jake Nichols
Modern Warfare 3 - MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans are calling for the removal of Riot Shields in the game as they believe they are “way too cheesy” and are “ruining games.”

Modern Warfare 3 is here, and it’s quickly earned recognition as one of the best versions of Call of Duty multiplayer in recent years. Despite negative feedback from some critics, particularly around the game’s campaign, it seems that the multiplayer salvaged everything.

The game features remastered versions of all 16 maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 title that was released in 2009, and there will be plenty more maps coming to the game when Season 1 starts in early December.

However, one staple Call of Duty feature has players wishing it wasn’t carried over to Modern Warfare 3 as fans are calling for the removal or revamp of the controversial Riot Shield.

A popular post in the Modern Warfare 3 community on Reddit states, “Riot Shields should not have carried over,” before diving into the details of why.

The player behind the post writes, “It’s a cheesy primary with minimal negatives and is more effective than you realize. Blocking bullets sounds simple on paper, but when you combine fast lethal usage and with no counter other than to stick them with grenades or possibly outmaneuver with little success, it’s too powerful as it is.”

In the end, they have a handful of suggestions for the developers, adding that “Removing them is the main option since it’s way too cheesy to keep in the game.” Alternatively, the player shares that having them as a field upgrade or streak could fix a lot of the concerns.

The community mostly agrees with the sentiment, with many opting not to call for the removal of the weapon but instead providing suggestions or feedback on how it could be fixed.

“I think the best solution for the riot shield would be to have it fold down when not in use. Think the same idea as the deployable cover,” one player wrote.

Another shared their recent experience of a Search and Destroy game, writing, “Played multiple search games last night with 4+ people on the other team using them, completely ruins the match.”

Others have no sympathy for the poster, suggesting that they should learn how to deal with the Riot Shield using sticky grenades and movement. “This is seriously a problem for you guys?” the player wrote. “It’s never been easier to counter this. You guys keep crying over the smallest damn things, and I’m tired of it. Just get good at the game instead of crying on this platform.”

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