Warzone 2 players want feature from Apex Legends to fight back against hackers

Ryan Lemay

Hackers in Warzone 2 discovered a way to crash entire lobbies, and players want a way to defend themselves.

Frequent game crashes marred Warzone 2’s launch, and stability issues have been persistent. Infinity Ward committed to reducing crashes in Season 2, but hackers have only gone and made matters worse.

WZ2’s new and improved Ricochet anti-cheat puts the game in a much better place than we saw at some stages of Verdansk. However, no system is perfect, and hackers have still managed to wreak havoc on the battle royale sequel.

A cheat allows hackers to crash lobbies and kick every player from a match. Strangely, the cheat serves no benefit other than causing chaos and ruining the experience for others. WZ2 users want a feature from Apex Legends to help combat the issue.

Warzone 2 players want the ability to rejoin matches

warzone player hiding behind low barricade
Warzone 2 hackers discovered a way to crash entire lobbies.

Lagging out of a battle royale match is nothing out of the ordinary, and some games have a feature to fix the frustrating occurrence. In 2020, Apex Legends added a reconnect feature, allowing players to rejoin a match if they were kicked because of a poor internet connection. Other games such as PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and CoD Mobile, also have a rejoin feature.

An angered WZ2 player took to Reddit and begged, “can we please have the ability to join a Warzone match we’ve lagged out of.”

One player responded, “if they just implemented this one thing, they would assuage so much anger over the rest of the bugs and crashes.”

A second user added, “Played a lot of Apex before coming to Warzone 2, and I got so used to being able to get back into games. It should be a high priority to add it to this game.”

Players went back and forth on how to implement a rejoin feature and reached a consensus.

“You wouldn’t spawn back in. You’d spectate your team until they bought you back or a jailbreak happens like you were dead.

We will provide an update when the developers announce stability improvements coming during Season 2.