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Highly requested ‘Reconnect’ feature coming in Apex Legends Season 5

Published: 24/Apr/2020 21:44

by Bill Cooney


Almost everyone has experienced the pain of being kicked off your game of choice while battling it out online, and now Respawn is finally giving Apex Legends players a chance to reconnect if they’re forced out of a game.

Apex currently doesn’t give players the option to reconnect after being knocked off, as most other online games do, like Overwatch and Valorant, for example.

As a result, this seemingly-simple feature has become one of players’ most-requested additions since the game released, and now the developers have confirmed it’s on the way.

Respawn Entertainment
Players will finally get a reconnect option in Season 5, which has unfortunately been delayed.

According to a blog post put out by one of the Apex Legends devs, this ‘Reconnect’ feature will be introduced in Season 5.

The feature, as the name implies, will allow players to reconnect to a game after being kicked out for an internet issue that’s not their fault, if the match is still in progress.

“We’re happy to announce that reconnect is coming in Season 5,” the dev said. “If you get disconnected due to inclement weather, a quick brownout, or a crash in-game – you can now just restart and if the session is still ongoing you will reload right back into the session.”

As some players pointed out though, the option to reconnect to a battle royale game like Apex could end up being a bit of a double-edged sword.

Say, for example, you disconnect while your squad is rotating on the edge of the circle, and when you get back in, you’re deep in the storm with no hope or chance of living.

Another problem could be when you’re playing with random teammates, they could just decide to cut their losses and quit the game after seeing you disconnect, leaving you to load back in with a smaller squad, or none at all.

There are no details yet about whether this reconnect feature will only be available in Ranked play or in all of the other modes as well, but Respawn promised more details in the upcoming Season 5 patch notes, so keep an eye out for those whenever they arrive.

As for when the new season is expected to launch, the date was originally set to May 5, but the developers announced on April 24 that it had been pushed back a week, with the new start date set for Tuesday, May 12.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs considering different buff ideas for Loba

Published: 24/Jan/2021 11:12

by Joe Craven


Daniel Klein, lead game designer at Respawn Entertainment, has suggested that a Loba buff could come soon to Apex Legends, but that the High Society Thief is currently in a “pretty good” spot. 

Added back in Season 5, Loba has perhaps had less of an impact on the Apex Legends meta than some of her counterparts. She’s not necessarily underpowered, but it’s hard to really class her as a game-changing legend in Apex’s Season 7 meta.

The buff to Black Market Boutique enabled her to become a significant contributor to her teams, pulling her out of the dwindling period she found herself in during Season 6.

However, her relative mediocrity when compared to some of the game’s stronger characters – Wraith, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound – has naturally led to her fans asking for a buff.

Apex Legends Cosplay Loba
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has one of the biggest personalities in Apex Legends, even if she’s not one of the best legends.

One Redditor, ‘ApexFan12′, suggested a small Loba buff to Daniel Klein, Respawn’s Lead Game Designer. Klein can be found frequently active on Reddit, interacting and replying with fans of the battle royale.

“You know how Pathfinder’s cooldown is based on how far he goes,” the Redditor said, “I was wondering if there’s any way you can do the same thing with Loba, where her tactical cooldown is based on how far her bracelet goes… There’s been many times where I’ve accidentally thrown it right in front of me and then have to wait 30 seconds for it to recharge.”

The suggestion seemed to appeal to Klein, who replied: “Definitely could do that! Could also just shave off time in general. I think the animations pre and post use could also do with some tightening. Thing is, she’s pretty good right now. Will let her rest for a patch or two.”

Reddit conversation between Daniel Klein about Loba
Klein’s response and the Redditor’s suggestion, in full.

Responding to another user about simply making the bracelet travel faster in the air, Klein described that buff as a “last resort”.

“It would require some work on the visual effect to make it look good and it has the highest risk of negatively impacting combat legibility,” he said. “Point taken on the beautiful arrival animation; maybe most of our shortening needs to be in the taking off animation. Like I said though, this is experimental stuff we’re still play-testing and there’s a good chance we won’t ship it if it’s not healthy for the game.”

Daniel Klein response on Reddit over Loba buff
Daniel Klein’s response to other Loba buff suggestions.

Klein’s comment that they are going to “let her rest” suggests that the change, if it comes at all, will likely drop after Season 8’s inception. It’s fair to wait and see how Loba is affected by the introduction of Fuse and the balancing adjustments that will come with the launch of a new season.

Barring any delays, Season 8 is set to drop in Apex Legends on February 2.