Apex Legends players demand anti-cheat features from Warzone 2

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Apex Legends players are demanding that the devs take inspiration from Warzone for a new anti-cheat feature.

Sadly, there are cheaters in basically every game, as it’s almost impossible for devs to tackle the problem completely. Although, thankfully, players have anti-cheat on their side, and while it’s not perfect, it certainly helps in the battle against cheaters.

The Apex Legends community has been fairly critical of the battle royale’s cheat detection, and have called for improvements several times.

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Likewise, earlier in April, CoD’s anti-cheat Ricochet got a major upgrade — improving various mitigation techniques such as cloaking, disarm, and damage shield, and now Apex players are demanding for the devs to take inspiration.

Apex fans propose devs copy CoD anti-cheat

On April 21, Apex Legends player ‘pt_picasso’ posted a Reddit thread suggesting the Respawn devs take a page out of Activison’s book, proposing they copy CoD’s anti-cheat.

“Just wanted to show what CoD is doing to their cheaters. How is it that the competition can do a better job at banning, and humiliating cheaters, while Apex just lets them run rampant and ruining it for the rest of us?” the player wrote.

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However, others have noted it’s not as simple as it may seem for Respawn to replicate, with the technology still being fairly new.

“You act like this tech isn’t in it’s infancy and just barely started to roll out lol. We don’t even know how effective it is,” one wrote.

Earlier this year, Respawn Security Analyst Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford gave some insight as to how cheaters can bypass the anti-cheat — explaining how the incredibly advanced cheating software that can bypass the current system.

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Although, regardless, the devs still claim that “tens of thousands of bad actors” are banned every week.

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