Warzone 2 players ruining games with infinite health: Cheat or bug?

Warzone 2 Immortal bugActivision

A Warzone 2 glitch or cheat is granting players infinite health, making them immune to any attacks aimed at them – but is it a frustrating cheat or just a very lucky bug saving players from being taken down?

During a tense Warzone 2 battle, one player reported a glitch or hacker who was granted unlimited health against the player’s RPK and Fennec 45. The video, posted on Reddit, shows the player getting the drop on the enemy and beginning to shoot them. After many hit-markers, it’s clear they’re not dealing any damage at all so quickly switch over to their RPK only to find the enemy is immune to that as well.

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Naturally, the player and their team quickly get sent to the Gulag, but such an event has caused many questions to be thrown around in the comments. The primary debate is whether this is the player cheating or an accidental bug embedded into Warzone 2.

Are players ruining Warzone 2 with infinite health or is it a bug?

It’s no secret that there are plenty of bugs and hackers in Warzone 2, but one of the most frustrating elements is the infinite health. It makes players immune to all attacks and will quickly ruin the game for everyone involved.

After the Reddit video was posted, it sparked an intense debate, with some players arguing they were “pretty sure it’s a bug” after reporting they’d experienced a similar “unkillable” person who killed them in “a similar fashion.”

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Other commenters agreed that this is more likely a bug, pointing out that “if he was a hacker he would have done something more fancy with his guns than punching you in the face.”

Many players are of the mindset that the enemy seemed equally as confused when the bullets weren’t dealing any damage, meaning it’s likely a bug.

Alternatively, some players are arguing that it is in fact a cheater using similar logic as before, stating that “this guy is just cheating and trolling I mean charging with bare fists…yeah kinda sus.” Others are commenting that, whether it’s a bug or not “they’re still abusing it which is called ‘exploiting’ which is cheating.”

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Whether it’s a bug or a hack, it’s clear such immunity is ruining the game for players and is causing a great deal of frustration within the community.