Can you play trios in Warzone 2?


Got an odd number of teammates and want to play trios in Warzone 2? Fortuntaley for you, Trios were added as part of the December 8 playlist update.

For many players, dropping into Warzone is all about two modes – Solos and Quads – but that isn’t the case for everyone. Some would rather play duos with their partner in crime, while others are fans of playing Trios. 

Over time, every type of mode has been available in the original Warzone, but not always at the same time – much to the annoyance of some players who see their favorite mode cycled out for something else.

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Well, with the launch of Warzone 2, these problems have risen once again. Modes have started to be cycled out for others to have the spot, and that’s annoying players.

Is Trios available in Warzone 2?

After not being included at launch, Raven Software announced on December 8, Trios are live.

Previously, you were only able to play Trios in the third-person mode, but the developers removed the Third Person mode.

You can, of course, always play with a Trio in the quads mode, but that creates an uneven lobby and also puts you at a disadvantage in some gunfights. So, while some players will jump in and be a man down, others stay well away. 

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Warzone 2 still causes plenty of headaches, especially with playlists.

Some fans were displeased that the developers removed Third Person Trios.

CoD content creator BearPig responded, “I feel like removing 3rd person is the WZ2 equivalent of Removing Rebirth.”

Warzone expert JGOD added “RIP 3rd person.”

other fans were more pleased to have traditional Trios back, but the update didn’t necessarily land for everyone.