Warzone 2 players mock Season 2 Reloaded DMZ AI driving update

Ryan Lemay
a character aiming a gun in Call of Duty

The Season 2 Reloaded update allows DMZ AI to drive vehicles besides armored trucks, but players mocked the developers for forgetting to teach the bots how to actually drive.

Season 2 reloaded began on March 15, bringing a few new changes to DMZ. Infinity Ward added a combat record, which allows players to track their stats after completing five matches. Unfortunately, the feature only tracks stats starting from the mid-season update.

The developers also changed usage requirements for Building 21 Access Cards. Players no longer need to bring Acces Cards into a match, and only one squad member needs a card to begin an infiltration. Other small changes include adding variation to infil and exfil locations, reducing vehicles in Al Mazrah city, and increasing AI driving variety.

DMZ community members have previously called out “overpowered” bots for ruining matches, so they couldn’t help but laugh as AI enemies showed a moment of weakness.

DMZ players shocked by the ineptitude of AI drivers

warzone 2 invisibility glitch
Vehicles play a major role in DMZ on Al Mazrah.

A DMZ player mocked the Season 2 Reloaded update by posting the exact statement made in the mid-season blog post.

“Enemy combatants in DMZ can now operate or arrive in a variety of vehicles, not just the armored truck.”

The video shows AI enemies getting stuck on a guard rail in an armored truck, and failing to pivot to a plan B.

The clip poster wanted to stick around and see if the truck would eventually blow up, but the zone closing in forced them to leave before the fireworks.

One player sarcastically backed up the developers, joking, “No one said they can operate them well.”

A second user added, “The scientists at Activision spend so long wondering if they could, nobody stopped to think if they should.”

For a system that has received a lot of flack from Warzone 2 and DMZ players, it’s refreshing to see a lighthearted experience with AI.