DMZ leakers claim “reputation” system to make AI friendly is coming to the mode

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The Season 2 Reloaded update expanded upon the DMZ mode, but leakers suggest that huge additions are still in store for fans of the mode.

Season 2 reloaded went live on March 15, bringing quite a few changes to the DMZ mode of Warzone 2. Among other things AI can now operate a variety of vehicles and have a chance for them to drop upgraded versions of their weapons.

DMZ has definitely come a long way since the beginning of Warzone, with new features and Ashika Map also being added as part of the mode.

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Some fans of DMZ argue that the developers are taking it in the wrong direction. But there is a shining light on the horizon, as some leakers are now suggesting that huge changes are coming.

Task Force Leakers 141‘ claim that a brand new reputation system will be added to Warzone 2’s DMZ and with it new contracts and rewards.

DMZ leakers suggest that an AI faction system is coming

The AI is the primary antagonist of the DMZ mode: you can go a whole match without ever running into enemy players, but the bots are a constant threat. This might change in a future update according to the leaks.

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According to the tweet thread, new “faction sites” with AI representing that faction will be sprinkled throughout the map. “Barter contracts” supposedly give the players an option to build a reputation with a specific faction, turning that faction’s AI friendly.

Furthermore, Task Force Leakers suggests that special buy stations within these sites will offer players equipment and rewards based on their current reputation with that faction.

As these are unconfirmed leaks it’s impossible to know if this will make it into the game or not, but the idea itself is sound. Having a safe haven to visit and resupply would make the experience better for PvE-oriented players. Likewise, the PvP tag hunters would be presented with another potential challange to take on.

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This also opens up the possibility for some kind of recruitable bots that would hang around with players. But given the bots reputation among DMZ players maybe that’s just a step too far.

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