Warzone 2 expert explains why DMZ Season 2 went too far “the wrong way”

Infinity Ward

DMZ established a passionate fan base in Warzone 2’s first season, yet Westie explains why the game mode misstepped in Season 2.

Warzone 2 introduced DMZ as a new game mode, taking inspiration from extraction shooters such as Escape from Tarkov. Fans praised Infinity Ward for providing a unique experience separate from a traditional battle royal.

The Season 2 update added fresh content, including a new map, missions, and the mode’s first-ever progress wipe. The update also made missions easier, adjusted AI spawning, and ensured AI enemies no longer shred through players at range.

DMZ expert Westie tried the new seasonal content and explained why Season 2 failed to entice new players.

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Westie bashes DMZ Season 2

The Warzone 2 community appreciates what DMZ has to offer.

Westie went on a short rant about the current state of DMZ. This isn’t the first time he exposed the game mode for his shortcomings, as he recently called out the developers for neglecting to fix a weapon blueprint glitch.

This time, the YouTuber focused on what changed in DMZ after the Season 2 update.

“They removed one of the best and most clutch features.” The patch notes did not mention a change, but players can no longer jump through the blades on top of the extraction helicopter. The feature made it easy to pull off a last-second extraction, but now squads need to be more precise if they want to land on top of the chopper.

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Westie added that challenging players will result in “pretty awesome ending moments,” but it still goes down as one of the many “downgrades” in the post-seasonal update.

The developers also removed easy access to room 302 in Al Sawa hotel, which provided high-tier loot, and made it harder to differentiate between keys. Westie called out the developers for failing to improve AI spawn and damage consistency, claiming that AI either kills in two shots or barely does damage.

“It’s unfortunate that Season 2 could have been a really good reset point for DMZ to kick start the mode, but so far, we are just playing the same semi-broken beta version of the mode with a new map and missions.”

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Lastly, the YouTuber criticized Season 2 missions for being too easy. Despite the mode’s shortcomings, Westie concluded, “it’s still fun to play, and there’s some really good stuff.”