Warzone players call for massive vehicle overhaul in Season 1 & Urzikstan map

Connor Bennett
Red truck in Warzone parked upActivision

Call of Duty players are urging the Warzone devs to overhaul vehicles with the impending arrival of Urzikstan, as many want them to feel like the original Warzone vehicles again. 

When Modern Warfare 3 finally launched in early November, many Warzone players were left annoyed that changes to the battle royale side of things were being put on hold until December 6.

Despite their annoyance about things being put on the back burner, players have used that lengthy gap to put forward some ideas for change that they’d like to see. Many have called for less visual clutter as that ruined things in MW2, while others want CoD to copy Fortnite and go completely OG with Verdansk. 

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That latter one is unlikely to happen, especially as we’re already getting a new map in the form of Urzkistan. Though, there is another request on many players’ minds, and it revolves around vehicles. 

Warzone players want “faster” vehicles on Urzikstan

Vehicles have been a staple in Warzone since the very beginning, giving players a different way to traverse the map. However, they have been nerfed over time, mainly because the Bertha trucks were deemed to be too powerful at one point.

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While players don’t want things to go back to being like Twisted Metal, they do want to be able to get around the new map quickly again. “Huge map requires faster vehicles, agree?” Redditor Diegodinizfsa said. That prompted a wave of support and players agreeing with them.

“They should make them faster and easier to move, they completely and utterly nerfed the big Bertha and hatchback,” said one. “This is one of the key things they need to fix is the new warzone isn’t to flop,” another added. 

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“Yeah, I’m thinking Sledge might do something about them eventually. They’ve made heaps of good changes so far and IW seems to have (hopefully) been given the boot from balancing decisions,” another hopeful fan commented. 

While a host of changes have already been confirmed for the Warzone update, we’ll just have to wait and see how others – including vehicles – shake out.

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