Warzone 2 players demand changes to “cop out” bots ruining DMZ matches

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Warzone 2 players have demanded changes to the overpowered bots ruining DMZ matches, with the game’s AI still deeply unpopular.

Warzone 2’s ‘Escape from Tarkov’ like mode DMZ has been an absolute hit with fans since its release back in November. However, while popular with the community, players have certainly been vocal about some of the mode’s most pressing issues.

Following the Season 1 Reloaded update, outraged fans have claimed that the DMZ’s bot difficulty has become “overwhelming” and punishes solo players.

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Now, the community is up in arms, demanding that the Infinity Ward developers make some necessary changes.

Warzone 2 players demand DMZ bot changes

In a December 23 Reddit thread, Warzone fan ‘creepy-uncle-chad’ slammed the DMZ bots. Claiming the bots don’t miss any shots, the frustrated player explained how a squad of them spawned in front of them while trying to exfil.

“I’m tired of armored bots spawning out of f**king nowhere and not missing any shots,” they wrote. “I was about to complete one of my missions by ex filing when all of a sudden a whole f**king squad of Armored bots spawns in front of me a completely wipes me.

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“All that work just for the game to bullsh*t me out of exfilling. F**k this mode.”

“Yep they need to be thinned out and nerfed,” a player added in the thread.

“It’s bad enough the spawns are random so you have a low chance of completing some location dependent missions. The bots shouldn’t just be bullet sponges. Sh**ty mechanic and feels like a cop out. Don’t even mention them one shotting you with a shotgun from miles away,” said another.

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“Currently, the AI is a bigger threat than other players which is not good at all. It makes it frustrating and annoying,” one player noted.

With the devs now taking time off for the holidays, it’s unlikely we’ll see any major changes made in the near future. Hopefully, we’ll see some action from Infinity Ward in the new year.

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