Where is Building 21 in DMZ? How to access, location, rewards in Warzone 2

Building 21 in DMZActivision

Warzone’s DMZ Season 1 Reloaded introduced a plethora of new content and bug fixes, but also announced the imminent introduction of Building 21. So, what is Building 21 and where can players find it? We’ve got all the answers here.

DMZ is a fantastic way to explore the Warzone 2 Al Mazrah map without the threat of gas or other players, to an extent. It allows fans to loot, and complete missions and is widely regarded as an extremely popular game mode.

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Now, announced in the Season 1 Reloaded update, players will be getting a brand new location to delve into called Building 21. While that’s exciting, it’s also a difficult location to find, especially since the developers have been keeping the details tightly sealed. Nevertheless, we’ve got everything currently known regarding the location, details, and when to expect Building 21.

Building 21Activision
Building 21 is set to be a tougher and more unforgiving experience for DMZ players.

What is Building 21?

Building 21 is a location out of Al-Mazrah that was released into DMZ, as part of the post-Season 1 Reloaded update drip feed of new content.

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Building 21 is among “the deadliest areas of DMZ”, meaning players should expect a large challenge and an introduction of a good treasure hunt for keycards allowing access to the building itself.

Where is Building 21 in DMZ?

Building 21 is located outside of Al Mazrah, as a different map, you can pick when going into DMZ. Access to this new map requires the player to possess the Building 21 access card.

Said card can be obtained from orange containers in Al Mazrah or can be looted from downed planes when your team controls SAM sites placed around the map.

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Extract with the Building 21 access card to unlock it on the “choose location” screen. What’s great about this is the fact that only the party leader has to have it, and you can bring 2 of your friends who do not with you into Building 21.

Currently, there is also a possible bug that does not consume the access card, meaning that players are able to launch Building 21 infiltration an infinite number of times.

What’s the difference between Building 21 and Al Mazrah?

Building 21 contains an exclusive new boss, a new weapon that can be unlocked for multiplayer and Warzone 2 by extracting it out, tons of new loot, and a new weapon case awarding skins and keychains separate from those you get in Al Mazrah’s weapon case.

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Building 21 provides completely different gameplay than Al Mazrah by being almost exclusively close quarters. Weapons that are normally regarded as weak become exceptionally powerful here, especially guns from the shotgun category.

PvP engagements are also way more common in Building 21 than in Al Mazrah, so consider teaming up with some friends or strangers to have the best chance at the juicy rewards.

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