Warzone 2 players divided over new 2v2 Gulag: “It’s not fun”

Warzone 2 Operators in the GulagActivision

Warzone 2 changed the Gulag from a 1v1 match to 2v2 with a random teammate, dividing community members.

The Gulag revolutionized battle royales when it was first introduced in Warzone 1. After dying, players earned a shot at redeploying if they won a 1v1 match against another fallen foe. Warzone 2 brought the fan-favorite feature back with an added twist.

Instead of a 1v1 bout, the developers decided to pair random players with each other in a 2v2 contest. The concept relies on players using the new proximity chat feature, which allows players to communicate with teammates and enemies in-game.

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By wiping out the two opposing players, you and your teammate will earn a spot back in Al Mazrah. The Jailer adds another compelling wrinkle. Through utilizing proximity chat, all four players respawn if the AI Jailer is killed.

One side of the aisle believes the new Gulag is a refreshing spin on an old formula, while the opposing side doesn’t like putting their life in the hands of random players.

Warzone 2 Gulag gameplayActivision
Warzone 2’s Gulag has been completely redesigned.

2v2 Gulag splits Warzone 2 players

A Warzone 2 player posted on Reddit, “Whoever suggested 2v2 gulag needs a slap.” The user posted a clip showing their teammate leaving a Gulag match, forcing the player to take on two enemies alone.

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The video sparked a heated debate in the comment section with an unclear majority opinion.

One player responded, “I love it. Sometimes I get wrecked, and sometimes I’ll get both kills, but it’s fun playing with a random and not knowing what to expect.”

A second user responded, “it’s not fun having your teammate die constantly, and now you have a 1v2. I’ve had a teammate get a kill in gulag twice since I started playing.”

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Killing the Jailer revives all four players, so a third person asked why more teams don’t just fight the Jailer.

“If everyone just teamed up against the jailer, everyone goes back; it seems more beneficial, and it’s better for everyone.”

The Warzone 2 community can’t reach a consensus on the new Gulag, and neither side will concede.

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