Warzone 2 players baffled by devs adding bots to Ashika Island

Shay Robson
Warzone 2 players dropping into Ashika Island with WZ2.0 logo

Warzone 2 players are puzzled by the devs’ decision on to add bots to Ashika Island Resurgence matches.

As the first major update of the new year, the launch of Season 2 introduced players to Warzone 2’s first Resurgence map, Ashika Island.

Ashika Island holds just 52 players instead of the usual 150 we see in Al-Mazrah, offering a faster-paced alternative to the regular battle royale.

But, despite the island being roughly 30% larger than previous Resurgence maps, gunfights are still constant. However, with bots added on top of that, players feel as if it’s a bit too much.

Warzone 2 fans puzzled with Ashika Island bots

In a March 12 Reddit thread, Warzone fan ‘TapInBogey’ requested an explanation as to why the devs added bots to the Resurgence mode, questioning the logic behind the decision.

“There are so many ‘nobody asked for this’ things the developers have done, but this one especially blows my mind,” the player said. “Rebirth is fast-paced with tons of third-party attacks, and it’s hard to sometimes keep your wits because of the bullets flying everywhere.”

They continued: “And then you add bots stomping around, shooting at you, distracting you, giving away your position. Again, I have been baffled by a lot of choices but this one is really one that makes me think the developers don’t even play the game.”

Others players also agreed, questioning why bots are needed when it’s already hectic as it is. “Whoever thought of this right idea to add bots to an already hectic small map needs to be fired immediately,” a fan hit out.

“The people that made this game definitely don’t play it,” said another.

With Season 2 Reloaded on the horizon and set for release on March 15, players are hopeful we’ll see some changes.