Warzone 2 devs respond to backlash over Resurgence squad size promise

Warzone 2 player on Ashika Island holding gunActivision

The Call of Duty Warzone 2 devs have issued a correction over the playlist changes coming to Ashika Island after players claimed they were “lying” about Resurgence squad sizes. 

While plenty of Warzone 2 fans enjoyed the brand-new Al Mazrah map, there were plenty who missed the smaller, more action-filled Resurgence maps from the original battle royale. 

With the start of Season 2, those players had their wishes fulfilled when the devs announced Ashika Island – a smaller map that is focused on the Resurgence playlists that players came to know and love on Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep. 

Even though the map has been a hit, there have been a few issues. Most notably, when the map was launched, the devs announced that every squad size playlist would be available, meaning you could play anything from solos to quads. 

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Warzone 2 devs respond to Resurgence squad size playlist requests

However, that hasn’t been the case, with only quads being available to this point. As a result, players put the devs under fire and claimed that they’d ‘lied’ about them being live from the get-go.

They’ve now responded to those claims, noting that the playlists will be available before long. “Correction: Each of the four Squad sizes for Resurgence will be in the playlist rotation at some point throughout Season 02. Solos arrives this weekend,” they tweeted on February 21. 

Some players were still confused and asked for further clarity as to whether solos would be replacing quads. 

Though, Raven cleared that up, noting they’ll be “alongside” each other. 

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A number of players suggested that even the new change was a “big L” and that every playlist should available, rather than a “rotation” of them. 

It remains to be seen if the devs will ultimately make the change that players want, given the increased backlash.