Warzone 2 players slam “drip feeding” of Resurgence playlists

Ryan Lemay

Infinity Ward announced a new weekly playlist for Warzone 2, but fans want access to every playlist simultaneously.

In the Season 2 patch notes, Raven Software stated Ashika Island would be available for all squad sizes. However, the new map only launched with quads, and players called out the developers for “lying.” On Friday, February 24, the Resurgence map finally received a solo playlist, restoring faith in community members.

That good faith didn’t last long, as Raven Software only made solos available in a weekend playlist. Twitch streamer Symfuhny gave up on playing Ashika Island after his favorite playlist was removed just after a few days.

Call of Duty added duos to the game mode in Warzone 2’s latest playlist update, making players question why they can’t have every playlist available at once.

Warzone 2 players demand every playlist on Ashika Island

Ashika Island Call of Duty
Resurgence Solos has been removed from the playlist in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 news account ModernWarzone argued, “We were promised all squad sizes for Ashika Island on launch in Warzone 2.”

They continued, “Since then, they’ve given us quads only for a week, added solos, removed solos after one weekend, and now given us duos and quads only. Why are we being drip-fed resurgence playlists?”

Ashika Island is much smaller in scale than Al Mazrah, hosting 52 players, which is 13 squads of four in quads. With players respawning in four-person teams, taking out enemies can be a little too chaotic, especially if you are solo-queued.

Some community members believe the close-quarters map flows better in smaller squad-sized playlists.

One player responded, “Willing to bet the player base isn’t big enough this CoD to have all the playlists splitting the players.”

ModernWarzone retorted, “If this is the case, then keep trios and solos permanently and rotate out duos and quads.”

CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope argued, “It’s just a stupid excuse for the devs who haven’t learned jack sh** from the first game.”

For now, players will have to log on when their preferred playlist is available.

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