Warzone 2 change makes Ashika Island more “hectic” than Rebirth Island

Ryan Lemay

Warzone 2’s Ashika Island plays very similar to its Resurgence predecessor Rebirth Island, but JGOD discovered a distinct pacing difference.

Season 2 introduced Warzone 2’s first Resurgence map, Ashika Island. The game mode was a fan favorite in WZ1, providing a faster paced battle royale experience. Rebirth Island was the first resurgence map, followed by Fortune’s Keep. Community members praised both environments, but fans were especially devestated when the devs removed Rebirth Island.

JGOD compared the map sizes of every Resurgence map and discovered Ashika Island is the second smallest Warzone map, with Rebirth Island being the smallest. While WZ2’s Resurgence map does feel a bit more expansive, both maps share a lot in common.

Fans loved Rebirth Island for it’s frantic pace. One would think Ashika Island would play slower, being larger, but JGOD noticed a subtle difference that actually makes WZ’s resurgence map more “hectic.”

JGOD discovers pacing difference on Ashika Island

JGOD compared the length of matches between Rebirth and Ashika Island and came to the conclusion that Ashika Island matches last 65 seconds longer. Because the matches are longer, the YouTuber believes the first 3 circles are more hectic, with more chances to get into gunfights.

Ashika Island matches last 15 minutes, compared to 13 minutes 55 seconds on Rebirth Island. The subtle change may not seem like much of a difference, but longer matches allow for players to respawn more in the first three circles and engage in combat.

Most community members in the comments section supported the change.

One player responded, “Mindless resurgence just hits different. There are way more laughs with the fellas and more crazy moments.”

A second user added, “They also (obviously) added more ways to decrease redeploy timers, so if you’re squaded up, you rarely ever have to wait more than 20 seconds which is nice.”

By killing enemies and looting chests, teammates respawn even faster than previous Resurgence maps. Infinity Ward delivered a fun and unique hybrid between multiplayer and battle royale, and the extra time in matches has opened the door for players to go on crazy kill runs.

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