Warzone 2 players are selling ‘carries’ to unlock M13B in DMZ

m13B pointed up to the sky in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Activision

Warzone 2 players are selling their services to help fellow Call of Duty fans unlock the powerful M13B from DMZ as many are still struggling to get a hold of it. 

When Warzone 2 was finally announced to the world, Call of Duty fans’ eyes collectively lit up across the globe as the developers revealed a new mode would be a part of it – DMZ. 

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DMZ, if you haven’t played it yet, is essentially a lite version of Escape from Tarkov. You select a limited loadout, drop in, try and complete objectives, and exfil before time expires. It’s proven to be a popular mode in its early lifespan, especially as it brings about a Call of Duty first. 

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The M13B is the first gun in Call of Duty history to be locked behind a boss fight. You have to kill an NPC known as ‘The Chemist’ and pick the gun up from their body. If you escape with the weapon, you unlock it to use in other modes like Warzone. 

Warzone 2 players are selling M13B drops on eBay

While some players have found tricks on how to deal with the powerful NPC in a quick fashion, some are still struggling. That is where a few generous DMZ players could step in, for a price anyway. 

As Eurogamer pointed out, there are some Call of Duty fans that are selling their services across social media, promising to help others get their hand on the M13B. 

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On eBay at least, this could cost players around £2-£5/$3-$6, as they offer the chance to team up with you in DMZ and help you unlock the weapon. They’ll even kill ‘The Chemist’ for you, and allow the buyer to exfil with the gun in their possession, which then unlocks it for them. 

screenshot of ebay listing for M13B gun in Modern Warfare 2Screenshot via eBay
Yes, you can buy a carry in DMZ to get you the M13B.

Paying for a service like that, or selling it on the other hand, isn’t exactly against the rules. It’s more in a grey area than anything else. 

There is, of course, the potential for scammers to run wild, which would then be bannable, so we’ll have to wait and see if Activision clamps down on it before things reach that point.

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