How to exfil in Warzone 2 DMZ mode: Locations & more

Exfil helicopter in Warzone 2 DMZ modeActivision

The DMZ mode in Warzone 2 has caught the eye of many Call of Duty fans, but if you’re wondering how to exfil with your items, here’s what you need to know.

When Warzone 2 was first rumored, a number of insiders almost confirmed that the developers were working on another mode – DMZ.

With Warzone 2 now being available, that DMZ mode has also launched. If you’ve not got your teeth stuck into it just yet, it works in a similar way to Escape from Tarkov. You select your weapons, drop in, fight real and NPC enemies, and try to get out alive after a set time.

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DMZ isn’t as hardcore as Tarkov, but a lot of the formula echoes the popular Battlestate Games title. That includes the whole Exfil process which has already caught a few players out. So, here’s what you need to know.

How to exfil in DMZ in Warzone 2

As noted, Exfil is the endgame for any DMZ run. Once you’ve collected items, completed missions, and battled with foes, you’ve got to get out of there alive.

This is achieved through Exfil helicopter locations. When you drop into a session of DMZ, three exfil locations will be highlighted on the map. These are the blue exit signs that appear at different POIs. Simply head to one of them, call in the exfil helicopter, and prepare to leave.

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Once you’ve signaled an exfil helicopter, you just have to wait around 35 seconds for it to land. So, keep any enemies – real or computer-controlled – away from your ride and you’ll be able to exit.

  • Find an exfil location on Al Mazrah map (blue exit sign icon)
  • Head to the chosen exfil location
  • Call in the exfil helicopter and wait for the countdown
  • Get on the helicopter and prepare to leave!

DMZ exfil helicopter locations

As we’ve already mentioned, when you enter a game of DMZ, you’ll get three potential exfil locations highlighted on the map. These do change from game to game, so you can’t just use one over and over again.

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They will appear at the bigger POIs, so don’t expect to see a random one pop up away from enemies. You’ll have to travel to the likes of Satiq Cave Complex, Hydroelectric, and Al Sharim Pass to leave the game alive.

Thankfully, unlike Tarkov, these exfil spots don’t expire or disappear after another team has used them. They will remain active for the entirety of the session.

Warzone 2 DMZ map with exfil iconActivision
The exfil locations are highlighted by blue exit icons.

So, that’s everything you need to know about leaving DMZ with all your items and guns intact.

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Changes might be made to how you exfil over time, and if that happens, we’ll keep this piece updated. So, keep checking back for more.