Viral TikTok reveals easiest way to get M13B in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2 operator ready to drop into Al Mazrah.Activision

The M13B is the crown jewel of DMZ and this viral TikTok showcases the easiest way to add it to your Warzone 2 collection.

Call of Duty’s brand-new DMZ mode brings a touch of extraction-type shooters like Escape From Tarkov to the world’s biggest FPS franchise.

There are tons of quests to complete over in Warzone 2’s secondary mode, but none are as attractive as unlocking the M13B, as it’s a mode-exclusive weapon and requires players to dive in and take on a deadly NPC if they want to claim it.

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While you could always do this the standard way, there’s a viral TikTok making the rounds that showcases a super easy solution that could save you a massive headache.

Viral TikTok shows off easy way to get DMZ-exclusive M13B in Warzone 2

Anyone who wants to claim the M13 for themselves has to square off with a supercharged AI enemy called The Chemist, who appropriately waits inside of a high-radiation zone that will damage players over time.

If you’ve played DMZ before, you’ll know that these boss-type enemies are a lot tougher than your standard NPC fare and it takes a good amount of skill to walk away from a fight against one of them.

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Unless you rig the game in your favor of course, and that’s exactly what this TikTok encourages players to do.

Instead of taking on The Chemist in head-to-head combat, you can actually just splatter him with a vehicle and skip all of the heavy lifting.

Of course, even after doing this, you’ll still have to make it back to the Exfiltration zone and escape the DMZ in one piece, but it certainly takes all of the hard work out of the equation.

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If you’re successful in pulling this off, you’ll unlock the gun for use all across Modern Warfare 2.

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