Warzone 2 players angered as “terrible” servers rob them of SR and ruin Ranked play

Kurt Perry
trios squad exploring al mazrah buildings in warzone 2 ranked play match.

Warzone 2 players have become frustrated with server issues that are causing many of them to be kicked out of Ranked Play matches only to receive a suspension and SR penalty.

With the arrival of Season 3 Reloaded, Ranked Play was introduced to Warzone 2. This new playlist gives Warzone players a competitive mode to test their skills against other evenly matched players.

The reception to Ranked Play has been generally positive, with players happy to be given a grindable Warzone experience where they can improve.

However, not everything has been perfect and a series of server issues has upset some Warzone 2 players believing they have been unfairly penalized.

Server issues are timing out and penalizing Warzone 2 players

Frustrated by the server issues, one player voice their complaint on Reddit, sparking a lot of responses from fellow players too. The post from May 22 reads: “Getting sick of being penalized for Activision’s terrible servers, and game crashes.”

The original poster later responded to their own thread: “Update: just happened again tonight. I uninstalled the game.”

Another post also appeared on May 22, highlighting the same issue, titled: “Lobby timed out and I received a -10 SR penalty and 15-minute suspension.”

Both threads were accompanied by a caption of an in-game message informing them that they had been given a suspension from Ranked Play and an SR penalty for abandoning their previous match.

It wasn’t just the original posters that were frustrated as numerous replies agreed that the servers are a problem.

One responded: “My buddy lost 300 hard earned SR in one glitch the other day. Clown game.”

Some other replies were less sympathetic: “I feel worse for your teammates who have to deal with your sh*tty ass capabilities to run a game properly.”

Notably, not everyone experienced the same penalties after disconnecting: “Weird. I’ve had probably 3 or 4 games/lobbies timeout since Ranked was released but none of us ever got a penalty. The only time I’ve got one was when I have a proper crash, which luckily only happened once.”

Complaints about the servers have been a thing since Warzone 2 launched. On April 20, Activision addressed these complaints by stating that it is working toward improving the situation.

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