HusKerrs slams Warzone 2 servers after infuriating loss: “I f**king hate this game”

A Warzone 2 operator in action on Al Mazrah.Activision

HusKerrs was seconds away from winning a Warzone 2 match when the servers sabotaged him in a major way.

Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas is a legend in the battle royale community. As of right now, Warzone 2 is his main game. Anytime he’s live there’s a good chance he’s entertaining a few thousand people as he racks up Al Mazrah wins.

The streamer has put a lot of time into the game, meaning he’s experienced all of the bugs and problems that the game has to offer too. Still, that couldn’t prepare him for this bout of desync that absolutely ruined his 1v1 for yet another dub.

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HusKerrs rages at Warzone 2 servers

Thomas had the power position in the match’s final circle with only one enemy remaining. He had racked up 18 kills and was in the perfect spot to add the 19th and final elimination to his total.

The stars aligned perfectly when the incoming enemy was forced to run uphill toward him with no cover. It looked to be an easy gunfight as HusKerrs landed the first few shots, but as he backed down to reposition, several shots all landed at the same time, eliminating him from the game out of nowhere.

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Naturally, he was stunned by the loss until the killcam revealed exactly what happened. “Did he just shoot me through the box?”

After closer inspection, it was easy to tell that it was just a bout of desync, and that the server connection was responsible for his random death.

“What the f**k was that desync?” he complained. “I’m actually f**ing windblown at that. I had 60-millisecond latency, and that death right there was like I had 300.”

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He went on to call it “one of the most bullsh*t” deaths he’s had in Warzone 2 and laughed at how much further ahead the other player he must have been.

This kind of problem has popped up in Warzone before and remains a huge complaint around the community.

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