MW3 and Warzone Ranked Play back online after bug resets player progression

Shane Black
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The Ranked Play mode for both MW3 and Warzone is back online after fixes have been implemented to remedy a bug causing player progression issues.

Ranked Play modes are a big hook for both MW3 and Warzone players, as they can present a more competitive challenge and unlock unique rewards.

So when a bug that was halting ranked progression appeared overnight, Call of Duty players began to worry.

Now, the issue has gotten so out of hand that the modes have been taken offline while the devs are trying to find a fix.

CoD Ranked Play down after player progression resets

Call of Duty Updates announced on X, that there was a bug preventing progression from being tracked properly and the developers were investigating the issue.

The progression bug in question saw player accounts being reset back to Level 1, while also taking away all the rewards they had unlocked in events, battle passes, and more.

Soon after, though, they also announced that the Ranked Play game modes for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone had been taken offline as a result of the bug.

The response from the community has certainly had its fair share of frustration and criticism, with many MW3 and Warzone players feeling that an issue like this shouldn’t exist in a game of this size.

As one frustrated Warzone player said, “Issues like that don’t just ‘appear.’ At least just be honest and say you broke the game by pushing a shadow update you didn’t plan on notifying the player base about.”

This follows a trend of frustration from both MW3 and Warzone players, who feel that their games are on a downward trajectory.

From spawn issues, balancing problems, and now Ranked Play being taken offline, the player base is getting fed up with the game.

Ranked Play modes have been brought back after fixes have been implemented by the developers. Players may have to restart their application to refresh the modes.

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