Warzone players confused by Ranked SR changes in Season 2 Reloaded update

John Esposito
Warzone Ranked Play artwork

Season 2 Reloaded introduces a few changes to Warzone’s Ranked Paly, including a change to placement SR, leaving players unsure why the change was made.

A big highlight for Warzone Season 2 was the return of Ranked Play, at least in the form of Resurgence Mode on Fortune’s Keep.

Similar to previous Ranked Play iterations, players earn Skill Rating, or SR for short, via placement and kills, with a heavy dosage of points doled out for winning the match.

Yet not even weeks after the mode arrived, Season 2 Reloaded changes SR gains for placements, leaving players confused about why the change was made in the first place.

Warzone players confused about SR changes

With Ranked Play, players earned increasing SR gains if they placed top 12 or higher in the lobby. The original distribution was 20 SR, 40 SR, 60 SR, and 80 SR with a win netting 100 points.

However, that changed with Season 2 Reloaded’s patch. Placing top 12 now only nets 15 SR, a net loss of 5 points, while the rest of the gains have been docked by 10 points.

It’s safe to say not everyone was a fan of this change. Fans highlighted the randomness of the changes, while kills or entry fees didn’t see any changes.

“If you’re lowering the SR earned you better be lowering the amount of SR it costs just to load in,” one player replied. Much of the feedback felt in line with this player’s comments.

Regarding the randomness of the changes, one player said: “I’ve never seen so many changes to ranked structure WITHIN a season, how are they going to lower SR earned in the middle of the season? Learn what you want to do and implement them in the next season, this is ridiculous.”

The developers didn’t provide any insight into why the changes were implemented. However, given how active they’ve been, hopefully, an explainer will come through sooner rather than later.