Warzone 2 loadout drops finally return with December 20 update

Warzone loadoutActivision

Warzone 2 controversially removed loadout drops from buy stations, but the highly requested feature is back.

Removing loadout drops split the Warzone 2 community. The decision forced players to acquire their loadouts by other means. Teams could complete Strongholds, wait for the public event drop, or purchase primary weapons from buy stations.

TimTheTatman praised the design choice because “loadouts make the ground loot feel useless.” He argued, “it’s kind of boring because everyone is using the same gun.” Making custom weapons harder to earn raised the stakes and made looting more important.

Activision went against that reasoning and backtracked on its initial decision, making loadout weapons easier to acquire. A wave of updates trickled out, culminating in loadout drops returning to buy stations on December 20.

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Loadout drop in Warzone 2Activision
Loadout drops are returning to Warzone 2 after popular demand from fans.

Loadout drops are back in Warzone 2

The tides began to shift On December 16. An update doubled the number of buy stations per match and moved the loadout drop public event from the third circle to the second circle. Then, the developers doubled down on the new direction, decreasing the price of primary weapons at buy stations.

Both updates made it easier to get loadout weapons faster, and players praised both changes as a step in the right direction. The writing was on the wall for what came next.

Raven Software announced a return for loadout drops at buy stations on December 20. It’s important to note the developers also stated, “The continuity of this feature will depend on the feedback we receive and overall impact on the Battle Royale experience in Warzone 2.”

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How much do loadout drops cost in Warzone 2?

Here’s how much loadout drops cost in each playlist.

  • Solos – $8,000
  • Duos – $16,000
  • Trios – $24,000
  • Quads – $32,000

We will provide an update if any more amendments are made to the loadout drop system.