Warzone 2 leaks claim Treyarch will develop new BR map alongside CoD 2024

Joe Craven
Warzone 2.0 logo on Jungle from Black Ops 4

Call of Duty leaks claim developers Treyarch are set to design a new Warzone 2.0 map alongside their 2024 installment in the immensely popular FPS franchise. 

The release of Warzone, while undoubtedly a major success for Activision, has perhaps clouded the clarity of the series’ future. Where annual installments were often the extent of what CoD players could expect, there are now real questions over how the battle royale’s sequel fits with the future of the franchise. 

We know that when Warzone 2.0 drops in mid-November, it will feature the brand new Al Mazrah map. That appears set to be the primary map for the Modern Warfare 2 life-cycle, which is expected to be two years for the first time in CoD history. 

However, new leaks claim that, when Treyarch’s next annual installment drops in 2024, there will be a brand new Warzone 2.0 map alongside it.  

Warzone 2 Treyarch map leaks

The information comes by way of TheGhostofHope, a reputable leaker in the CoD community who has correctly released information pertaining to Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 in the past. 

On October 6, they tweeted: “Treyarch will be leading map design for a new Warzone 2.0 map set to release alongside their premium release in 2024. Support studios will help with the asset creation/placement.” 

Little is known about CoD 2024 or the rumored map but, assuming trends are to be continued, we can expect some classic Treyarch POIs to feature alongside POIs from the upcoming annual title too. 

The smaller role of ‘support studios’ also fits with CoD precedent, which saw Infinity Ward take lead on the initial Warzone design, before management was handed over to Raven Software. 

Despite the leaker’s track record, there’s no guarantee that this information is accurate and it will remain unconfirmed until Activision or Treyarch break their silence. With MW2 still not released, don’t hold your breath for news soon. 

Regardless, it comes just a day after leaks claimed Sledgehammer Games will be developing Advanced Warfare 2 as their next CoD game following Vanguard’s disappointing response. 

Whatever Activision are planning, there’s an awful lot for CoD fans to be excited about.