Warzone 2 leak claims Pro Perks from original Modern Warfare 2 are returning

Jacob Hale

A new leak has hinted at the return of Pro Perks in Warzone 2, over a decade after they first featured in the original Modern Warfare 2 game in 2009.

The upcoming Call of Duty title has been confirmed to be called Modern Warfare 2, the same as the groundbreaking FPS that brought so many fans into the franchise all those years ago.

One unique feature that the original MW2 introduced to Call of Duty was Pro levels of Perks, providing an upgraded version of said perk for completing certain challenges.

While Pro Perks only stayed in Call of Duty for a couple more years, they look set to be making a comeback.

MW2 Campaign remastered
Warzone 2 will reportedly be bringing back several features and maps from MW2.

According to popular CoD leaker Tom Henderson, Warzone 2 will introduce (and re-introduce) a number of new features to the Call of Duty battle royale, and Pro Perks look set to be one of the most popular.

While it’s not set in stone yet, Henderson said the following: “Pro Perks are obtainable by looting Strongholds [guarded locations with objectives within] and although some Pro Perks were on pre-determined classes during the recent Warzone 2 playtests, it’s not entirely clear whether or not Pro Perks will be able to be used on your Loadout as you might need to loot and use them in order to get an extra edge.”

This suggests that Pro Perks may be lootable items, rather than loadout options, which would definitely add another layer of gameplay to Warzone 2 in comparison to the current title.

Modern Warfare 2 class pro perks
Pro Perks gave an upgraded option for each of the perks in the game.

This news comes shortly after Henderson also leaked the full list of locations and POIs in the Warzone 2 map, which included four classic MW2 maps: Afghan, Terminal, Highrise, and Quarry.

As always, you’ll have to take these leaks with a pinch of salt — after all, nothing is confirmed until Activision and the developers say so. That said, with the leaks starting to build up, it’s certainly not too early to start getting excited.

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