Modern Warfare 3 leaks claim return of classic mini-map, Ninja perk, new gear system

Brad Norton
Modern Warfare gameplay

A fresh batch of Call of Duty 2023 leaks hint that Modern Warfare 3 will mark the return of CoD’s traditional mini-map, one with red dots, while also bringing Ninja back into rotation through a new ‘Gear’ system.

Like clockwork, as the annual CoD cycle continues and we draw near to 2023’s release, reportedly set to be Modern Warfare 3, new details are continuing to slip through the cracks on a near-daily basis.

From leaks of iconic maps supposedly returning to files plucked from Warzone code teasing an in-game reveal event on the horizon, there’s been plenty keeping the community on its toes of late.

Now, leaks are only continuing to pile up as the latest batch of intel has suggested a number of features are set to return in Modern Warfare 3 alongside a revamped Perk system in the form of equippable Gear.

Modern Warfare 3 to feature traditional CoD mini-map?

CoD’s mini-map has been the source of much frustration in recent years. Given the series cycles through developers every year, each studio has its own preferences in how to handle the staple feature.

In earlier iterations, when firing an un-silenced weapon, players would appear on the mini-map as a red dot. Shots revealed your location to everyone else in the lobby. In other titles, however, like the most recent Modern Warfare 2, that isn’t the case. Firing any un-silenced weapon still keeps you hidden on the radar.

With this year’s looming release, it appears we could be in store for a return to the conventional approach. Leaks from CoD insider ‘BobNetworkUK’ suggest red dots will once again appear on the mini-map.

Though given it’s early days yet, and no official details have yet surfaced, it’s obviously worth taking this early intel with a grain of salt. Plans can always change throughout development, so don’t bank on a return to form for CoD’s mini-map just yet.

CoD mini maps
CoD’s mini-map has alternated between red dots and no red dots in recent years.

Leaks hint new Gear system on the way in Modern Warfare 3

Also thrown onto the pile of leaks at the same time, the source teased a new Gear system on the way for Modern Warfare 3. One that seemingly revamps or perhaps outright replaces the traditional Perks system.

Moving forward, it appears Perks will be tied to specified pieces of equipment under this Gear system. Vest, Boots, and Gloves were all labeled in the leak, with various Perks attached to each piece of armor under the three categories.

One such Perk rumored to be rejoining the lineup in 2023 is fan-favorite Ninja. While this Perk has taken many forms over the years, its main function is to reduce or even silence movement-based audio cues, muffling footsteps, jumping sounds, and even the odd Operator grunt.

Modern Warfare 2
Movement could once again be silent thanks to the alleged return of Ninja in Modern Warfare 3.

Exactly how it may function in Modern Warfare 3 remains to be seen for the time being, but if leaks hold true, it would mark Ninja’s return after a year on the shelf given its absence from Modern Warfare 2.

As always, do take this early information with a heaping serve of salt for now. While these nuggets have supposedly come from a new internal Alpha build, nothing has yet been confirmed. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with all the latest in the lead-up to CoD 2023 as further details emerge.

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