Warzone 2 launch trailer shows off new movement mechanics, vehicles, more


Warzone 2 is just around the corner, and the developers built up more anticipation, if that’s even possible, after the game’s latest trailer.

Warzone 2 officially launches on November 16. Players can preload the game now, so make sure to check out our guide explaining the download process. We also learned Rebirth Island and Fortunes keep are being removed as playable maps.

As Activision closes the chapter on two beloved fan-favorite maps, Al Mazrah serves as an hommage to Call of Duty history. Warzone 2’s new setting features POIs from classic CoD titles and reintroduces modern combat.

Warzone 2’s launch trailer gives players a proper introduction to Al Mazrah and shows off new vehicles and movement mechanics.

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warzone 2 preloadActivision Blizzard
Warzone 2 launches worldwide on November 16 for all platforms.

Warzone 2 launch trailer

Accompanied by Lynrd Skynyrd’s iconic Free Bird, Warzone 2’s latest trailer showcases all of the game’s new features.

Warzone 2 introduces the GMC Hummer EV, Heavy Chopper, RHIB boat, TAC-V, and an Armored Patrol Boat into an already loaded vehicle lineup.

The trailer shows off water combat. While swimming, players can shoot their secondary weapons underwater or use throwing knives. We also got another look at the new game mode DMZ and squads attempting to complete an Exfil successfully.

Content creators responded very positively to the trailer. CoD YouTuber Westie responded, “epic choice of song. Can’t wait to deploy with the lads.”

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Competitive Warzone player Tommey added, “two more days. I can’t wait!”

CDL commentator Miles Ross responded, “banger trailer.”

Warzone 2 servers are expected to love live on November 16 at 10 a.m. PST.