Warzone 2 guru reveals how to get unlimited loadout drops and UAVs in Ranked Play

Ryan Lemay

JoeWo explained why completing Strongholds and Blacksites in Warzone 2 Ranked Play matches is a game-changer.

Warzone 2 introduced several new ways to earn loadout weapons. Players can buy custom weapons from buy stations and also earn them by killing AI enemies. Strongholds are areas on Al Mazrah that feature AI enemies. By clearing out the building and diffusing a bomb, they provide an easy alternative for players to earn their loadouts.

Black Sites are even more dangerous the normal Strongholds, throwing tougher enemies at the player with the promise of much better loot. If they can be the first to conquer a normal Stronghold and nab a key to the Black Site. It’s a race against time for those vying to access some of the best loot.

Despite being a little boring, JoeWo argued that killing AI enemies could make winning Ranked Play matches easier.

Why Strongholds and Black Sites are underrated in Warzone 2

JoeWo claimed that not enough Ranked Play teams take advantage of Strongholds and Black Sites. The YouTuber explained that Strongholds give out a free loadout, tempered vests, armor boxes, ammo, and money.

Tempered vests provide 33% more plates per plate you put on, which is crucial in Ranked Play matches with how fast the game’s time-to-kill speed is.

JoeWo recommends that all three squad members shoot at the same time to take out the Black Site’s juggernaut.

The boss drops self-revies, killstreaks, and gas masks. Completing the Black Site also awards an advanced UAV, which reveals the exact location of enemies.

If your teammates need a place to get their loadouts after dying, they will be able to go back to the Blacksite and their loadout and UAV.

“For every match, at three minutes and 29 seconds when the first zone closes, that’s when the Stronghold opens. You have to make sure to get to those very quickly, as a lot of teams will be fighting for those.”

JoeWo also gave the tip that squads can earn a loadout from an already completed Stronghold by killing five AI enemies.

Try this strategy the next time you want to win a Warzone 2 Ranked Play match.

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