Warzone 2 tactician reveals “fastest” SMG loadout speed across Al Mazrah

YouTube: JoeWo

Warzone 2 expert JoeWo discovered the perfect SMG loadout for moving around Al Mazrah faster.

For fans of Warzone 1’s movement system, WZ2 YouTuber JoeWo believes he found an SMG loadout that comes close to emulating the same movement speed.

Warzone 2 players criticized Infinity Ward’s decision to remove slide canceling and the ability to equip armor while running. Both features improved mobility and made engagements with enemies faster and that’s the kind of pace JoeWo is trying to bring back.

JoeWo explains why players should use the BAS-P if they want to play faster

BAS-P in MW2 menusActivision
The BAS-P is one of the fastest SMGs in Warzone 2.

Players mostly use the Fennec and MP5 in Warzone 2, but JoeWo explained why the BAS-P is a good short-range combat option.

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“As we know, Warzone lacks a little movement and finesse, but thankfully I have found a build with the fastest movement speed in the game that gives you a little flashback to Warzone 1’s movement speed.”

One of the keys to the build is using the Commando Perk Package with the Fast Hands Bonus Perk, which allows players to reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster. The Perk Package also includes High Alert as the Ultimate Perk, alerting players of enemies around them.

After using the underrated SMG in a 26-kill performance, Joe Wo exclaimed, “that BAS-P was cooking.”

“This thing is insane for movement, but obviously, as you are going to be fighting up close with like a Fennec or an MP5, you may lose the fight because this thing is made for movement.”

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Warzone 2 BAS-P loadout

Here is the full BAS-P loadout, including attachment tuning.

  • Muzzle: Lacerta Compensator (+0.70 Weight, +0.30 Length)
  • Barrel: 4″ Thunderfire (-0.39 Weight, -0.35 Length)
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Stock: BR Stockless Mod
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Flash Grip (-0.87 Weight, -0.35 Length)

Anyone struggling to maneuver around on Al Mazrah, give this loadout a try and see how it speeds things up.