Warzone 2 expert unveils long-range laser beam AR that no one uses

Alex Garton
Warzone 2 M13B AR

Warzone 2 guru WhosImmortal has revealed an underused AR that’s a laser beam and is incredibly “easy to use” at long-range.

When it comes to picking a long-range weapon in Warzone 2, the majority of players focus on picking an option with the fastest TTK.

In Season 2 Reloaded, the Sakin MG38 and RAAL MG without a doubt share the crown when it comes to raw damage output, and are lethal from a distance.

However, as they’re LMGs, they’re plagued with sluggish mobility and are difficult to use thanks to their heavy recoil patterns. These factors mean sometimes it’s better to choose a gun that’s easy to use, stable, and consistent, especially if you’re an inexperienced player.

Well, Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal has uncovered the perfect long-range AR that’s a laser beam at almost any distance and could be the weapon that takes your gameplay to the next level.

M13B long-range Warzone 2
The M13B thrives in long-range gunfights.

Best M13B loadout in Warzone 2


  • Barrel: 14″ Bruen Echelon
  • Muzzle: Echoless-80
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4
  • Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity
  • Magazine: 60-Round Mag

In a video covering the new long-range meta in Warzone 2, WhosImmortal highlighted multiple options but the M13B stood out from the rest.

Despite not having the fastest TTK of the bunch, the WZ2 expert made it very clear that the gun is extremely “easy to use” and a laser from afar.

As the “recoil is so straightforward” it makes it possible to shoot accurately at “40m, 80m, 180m, it doesn’t matter” the gun will always perform.

The loadout above focuses on bolstering the AR’s recoil and pushing its damage to the limits, giving you a loadout that’s unbelievably consistent.

Topic starts at 6:49

Sometimes it’s better to focus on stability over raw damage output, as easy-to-use loadouts allow you to shine in high-pressure situations.

With just a 1.1% pick rate, the M13B is going under the radar and has been forgotten by the majority of the community.

Instead of going for the ISO Hemlock or Sakin MG38, test out this simple option as it could be the gun that significantly increases your win rate.

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