Warzone 2 guru reveals underrated AR that’s a laser beam at long-range

M13B Warzone 2Activison

Warzone 2 expert Metaphor has unveiled an underused AR that has zero recoil and makes it easy to laser beam foes from a distance.

When it comes to picking a meta weapon in Warzone 2, the majority of players opt for the gun with the fastest overall TTK.

In the current meta, that’s the Sakin MG38, RAAL MG, or the ISO Hemlock and while these are all incredible choices, their recoil can make them difficult to use in certain scenarios.

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As a result, sometimes it’s better to tailor your loadout for stability, that way you never miss a single bullet and always maximize your damage output.

Well, Warzone 2 YouTuber Metaphor has created the ultimate zero recoil setup, and it’s for an underrated AR that’s going under the radar.

M13B Warzone 2 AR Long rangeActivison
The M13B is built for long-range gunfights.

Best M13B loadout in Warzone 2


  • Barrel: 14″ Bruen Echelon
  • Muzzle: Echoless-80
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Tiger Grip
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4
  • Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity

If you’re someone who struggles with recoil control at long range, then the M13B is definitely the weapon for you.

The trusty AR has minimal kickback which makes it easy to lock onto foes and ensure every single bullet lands on target.

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Not only that, the accuracy of the M13B means you make the most of headshot multipliers to maximize your TTK, especially if you’re shooting an opponent at mid-range.

Metaphor’s build pushes the AR’s bullet velocity to the limit, but it also ensures the gun’s recoil is fully bolstered and its stability is top-tier.

The M13B may not have the fastest base TTK stats, but it more than makes up for it when it comes to consistency and stability.

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With a 1% pick rate in the current meta, it’s safe to say the AR is being slept on by the community and could be the ultimate off-meta weapon to take your skill to the next level.