Warzone 2 expert pleads for lethal grenade and launcher restrictions in Ranked Play

Ryan Lemay
semtex grenade in Modern Warfare 2

IceManIsaac used video evidence to explain why launchers and lethal grenade spam should be banned in Warzone 2 Ranked Play.

Infinity Ward controversially introduced backpacks as a new feature in Warzone 2. Players stored items like plates, ammo, killstreaks, and field upgrades in either medium or large backpacks.

However, many abused backpacks and filled them to the brim with kill streaks. Final circles became a nightmare as kill streaks rained from the sky with nowhere to run. Infinity Ward realized the downsides of a backpack system and removed it entirely from the game as part of the Season 2 update.

With much less inventory space to work with, players only have enough room now to store an extra kill streak, a few sets of plates, and ammo. Despite the change, smaller storage hasn’t stopped players from still taking advantage of the system at times.

IceManIsaac exposes flaws of Warzone 2 grenade spam

On August 7, IceManIsaac begged: “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NERF THE LETHAL SPAM! Every gunfight starts like this. Nades do WAY too much damage, and the ability to stow makes it even worse.”

In the video, over 10 grenades were thrown into the room IceManIsaac and his team were sitting in. The problem stems from players being able to hold two grenades at once and also stow pairs of two in their inventory.

Along with restricting grenade launchers in Ranked Play, the streamer also demanded: “GET RID OF THE STAGGER FROM EXPLOSIVES! It’s bad enough one semtex can knock all my plates and then some health, but on top of that, I’m stuck walking for two seconds.”

Prominent Warzone 2 community members voiced a similar opinion.


Warzone 2 pro player HusKerrs offered a solution: “What if they changed the number you could carry on you to 1, but you can still stow groups of 2.”

IceManIsaac responded: “I think that’s a good solution! Or you just aren’t allowed to stow lethals at all. If you want to lethal spam, you need to stow an ammo box.”

Fellow Warzone 2 competitor TheTacticalBrit added: “Warzone is just explosive spam at this point, and it’s so dragging.”

It remains to be seen how the devs will respond, but Treyarch has banned items in Ranked Play before based on community feedback.