Warzone 2 players think more ranked bans are coming including attachments, perks, more

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Warzone 2 players believe that more bans and restrictions could be coming to ranked play due to a potential visual bug showcasing certain attachments, perks, and more being unavailable to use.

On May 17, ranked developers Treyarch revealed that they had restricted both the Cluster Mine and Bomb Drone in Ranked Play, removing them to provide a more fair and balanced experience while players grind to earn their SR.

While they didn’t rule out the possibility of those items returning, some players think there are more restrictions on the way, and it’ll change the game up massively if true.

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More Warzone 2 ranked bans?

This comes after a player queued into ranked play and was met with several ‘Restricted’ symbols with attachments, throwables, and perks banned.

This led to speculation that the likes of silencers, Drill Charges, Smoke Grenades, the Overkill perk, and the High Alert perk, among other things, could be banned in future seasons.

As pointed out in the replies, however, this might not be the case.

One possible counter to this being legitimate was mentioned by Call of Duty content creator ProReborn, who said that “this is probably a bug where it is visually showing the bans from MW2 comp.”

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Another player replied saying that similar had happened to them, with Weapon Tuning restricted when they tried playing, presumably carried over from Modern Warfare 2 ranked.

It’s clear that Treyarch is assessing all options when it comes to what they restrict in Warzone 2 Ranked Play and how they can make the experience a better one, but whether these things do get banned in coming updates remains to be seen.

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