Warzone 2 AR dominates with “absurd” TTK that beats meta SMGs

Connor Bennett
Warzone 2 character aiming assault rifle next to helicopter

With Warzone 2’s Ranked mode now taking over, the Chimera looks to be an ideal weapon of choice, especially as it has an “absurd” TTK that matches some SMGs. 

Over the last few weeks, the meta in Warzone 2 has shifted a little bit following a few rounds of big weapon balancing and changes from the devs. 

While the ISO Hemlock did, initially, fall down the rankings a fair bit, the assault rifle has now picked back up and is once again a popular weapon – much to the annoyance of some players. 

Despite that, there are some other viable ARs out there. The Kastov 762 and STB 556 are popular options for players looking to break away from the Hemlock and M4 dominance. Though, you may also want to consider the Chimera and its “absurd” TTK now that Ranked play is here. 

Best Chimera loadout for Warzone 2 Ranked

That’s at least according to IceManIsaac, as the Warzone 2 stats guru highlighted the assault rifle in his May 9 video, noting that it can be a top-tier sniper support thanks to its “insane” headshot multiplier.

If you’re hitting all headshots, the Chimera has a TTK of around 375ms, which is in the range of both the Kastov-74u and Lachmann Sub. Though, it doesn’t suffer a damage drop-off after 10 meters as they do. It’s a similar story with body shots, the Chimera’s TTK comes in at 525ms, and doesn’t drop off until the 30-meter mark. Even then, it’s still outdoing the SMGs.

“This Chimera kills at the same speed as a Lachmann with all headshots. That is absurd,” Isaac said. “Big picture, it beams for one, and two, it fries. It kills so unbelievably fast.”

  • Muzzle: TY-LR8 (+0.31, +0.28)
  • Barrel: 10’ SA Phoenix (+0.40, -0.15)
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7mw (-0.29, -6.85)
  • Optic: Slimline Pro 
  • Magazine: 45-round mag 

The Chimera has always been a bit of a fan-favorite and, as per WZRanked stats, remains on the fringes of the meta as the 12th most-used weapon in the game. 

That should see a little bit of a boost before long, so, make sure you give your Chimera loadout a bit of a tweak if you haven’t already. Join on board the wave.