Best Chimera Warzone 2 loadout: Class setup, attachments, Perks

chimera assault rifle sitting in weapon case on Warzone 2 loadout select screen.

The Chimera is a powerful AR that thrives at medium range but you’ll need the best loadout possible to take advantage of its strengths in Warzone 2.

Based on the real-world AAC Honey Badger that also appeared in Ghosts, the Chimera is a unique assault rifle that can outgun just about anything.

Whilst most assault rifles excel at long range it’s during mid-range gunfights where the Chimera truly dominates. It also performs extremely well at close range making it an effective sniper support.

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The Chimera is somewhat underrated as its TTK outperforms almost every other gun in Warzone 2. Plus its recoil isn’t that difficult to control and it has an incredible headshot multiplier if you can hit your shots.


Best Chimera Warzone 2 loadout


  • Muzzle: Tempus GH50
  • Barrel: 10″ SA Phoenix
  • Stock: TRX-56 Stock
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag

Since the Chimera has great weapon handling already it’s best to focus on improving its recoil and bullet velocity. The best attachment to reduce recoil is the Tempus GH50 which massively reduces our vertical kick whilst also slightly decreasing horizontal recoil.

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To lower recoil further we combo the muzzle with the TRX-56 Stock and Lockgrip Precision-40. As an added bonus this underbarrel improves our hipfire accuracy making the Chimera more versatile than most other assault rifles.

A big weakness of the Chimera is that it has low bullet velocity so to mitigate this it’s best to use the 10″ SA Phoenix barrel. This also further improves our recoil and hipfire accuracy making this Chimera loadout even better.

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Finally, the 45 Round Mag is a must to be able to down multiple enemies before having to reload. This does slow down our reload a little but it’s still relatively fast given the size of the magazine.

the best chimera warzone 2 loadout after season 3 update.A powerful Chimera loadout to use in Warzone 2.

Best Chimera Warzone 2 class: Perks & equipment

  • Base Perk 1: Overkill
  • Base Perk 2: Scavenger
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix
  • Lethal: Drill Charge
  • Tactical Equipment: Heartbeat Sensor

Since the Chimera excels at close and medium range it’s best to use perks that compliment an aggressive playstyle. The only exception to this is Overkill which is useful as it lets you take a secondary that covers the Chimera’s weaknesses like a sniper or DMR.

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For the other basic slot, Scavenger is great as it makes it easy to keep ammo supplies refreshed and causes dead players to drop an extra armor plate.

Any time you are using two primary weapons Fast Hands is worth equipping to switch between them faster. It also speeds up reload times leaving few situations where you aren’t prepared for a gunfight.

Quick Fix partners particularly well with Scavenger as it replenishes your health immediately after getting a down or using an armor plate. It’s the best combination for taking multiple fights in quick succession.

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A Drill Charge is a good choice to make aggressive play more effective as it lets you flush out static players from rooms more easily. For tactical equipment, we use a Heartbeat Sensor which acts as a portable radar to quickly scout buildings.

How to unlock the Chimera in Warzone 2

In order to unlock the Chimera in Warzone 2, you’ll need to get 2 assault rifle kills in 15 separate matches.

While this will take a long time in Warzone, it’s easy enough if you own MW2 and can hop into multiplayer. Alternatively, exfiling with any Chimera variant in DMZ will also unlock the assault rifle.

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Best Chimera alternatives in Warzone 2

Assault rifles that excel at close and medium range aren’t all that common but the Kastov-74u is a good alternative with many similar characteristics to the Chimera.

If that doesn’t suit your playstyle the Kastov 545 and Vaznev-9K can be built to perform comparably whilst putting a bigger focus on mobility and less focus on TTK.

That’s all for our Chimera loadout! For more of our Warzone 2 coverage, check out these guides below:

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