Warzone 2.0 changes could make reporting cheaters much harder despite “upgraded” RICOCHET

Warzone 2 character crouchingActivision

Call of Duty players have shared concerns that Warzone 2.0’s changes might make it more difficult to report hackers and cheaters, as concerns about fair play in the CoD battle royale continue. 

It’s long been known that Call of Duty: Warzone will be succeeded by a second version of the battle royale. 

Warzone 2.0 details are rapidly stacking up and, thanks to September’s CODNext event, we got our first proper look at gameplay, the Al Mazrah map and more. 

It’s also been confirmed that the game will launch with an “upgraded” RICOCHET, the long awaited anti-cheat system that dropped in Warzone at the end of 2021

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However, fans have some concerns that it could be harder to report players for cheating and hacking as a result of a major overhaul to the way spectating works. 

Warzone 2 spectator change could harm cheater reporting

In the BR sequel, spectating killcams offer a third-person view, rather than the first-person perspective featured in the first Warzone. 

While the change itself has attracted some praise, players have raised concerns that it could make identifying cheaters more difficult. 

Not seeing the first-person perspective means those eliminated might miss an obvious wallhacker or aimbotter. 

One player made the point via Reddit, where plenty of others agreed: “It doesn’t give a 1st person view of the player, which is cool. But I see a problem when you suspect someone of hacking or cheating. You can no longer spectate them and see in 1st person how their aim is. Instead, you now see a crosshair and over the shoulder view.” 

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They suggested petitioning the devs to ensure both spectating options are available, so players can still assess whether they were eliminated legitimately or by someone manipulating the game’s mechanics to their own advantage. 

Of course, it wouldn’t work for all cheats with some, like the Cronus Zen, notoriously difficult to detect. 

It’s not just Warzone that fans are worried about, with Modern Warfare 2’s pre-launch Beta even experiencing its own issues with cheaters.

Infinity Ward have promised to “take action” against those involved, a stance players want to see hardened and extended when the full game drops on October 28. 

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