Modern Warfare 2 devs reveal major Beta changes coming to solve player issues

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Modern Warfare 2 developers Infinity Ward have revealed incoming changes to the Beta’s User Interface (UI), as well as the lobby disband mechanic that has proven particularly unpopular with players. 

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta is underway and players of all platforms are now able to drop in and experience the 2022 installment of the storied FPS franchise. 

While not a completed title, the Beta gives players their chance to offer feedback ahead of the full game’s release on October 28

As such, players have been offering their critiques to the devs and, on September 23, Infinity Ward confirmed multiple changes coming to the Beta based on what the player base has been saying. 

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Infinity Ward reveal changes to UI, lobby disbands and action against cheaters

They announced the upcoming adjustments in a series of tweets, with the first pledging action against cheaters and hackers. 

Fans were dismayed when, just days into a pre-launch Beta, it became apparent that some players have already found ways to cheat.

Infinity Ward said: “Tomorrow, we’ll begin taking live action against cheaters and hackers in Beta matches.” 

That wasn’t all though, with the devs promising improvements to the UI, which has come in for significant criticism among players as overly complicated and messy. 

Finally, they promised tweaks to lobby disbanding – a system where players are automatically removed from old lobbies and placed into new ones when matches finish. 

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It has been a feature of newer CoDs but is unpopular amongst players who relish the chance to go up against players they have just beaten or lost to. 

They said: “We’ve heard a lot of you on disbanding lobbies. We’re working on a few tweaks to increase the chance of lobbies staying together, and improving the UI when it happens.”

Many responded positively to the devs’ words, excited for the changes to be implemented and improve the game already. 

However, others called for more changes in line with player demands, like heavily requested minimap adjustments to bring it in line with traditional CoDs. 

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